Shigeru Kawai Concert series and Kawai Giving Partnership: Yan Shen

February 11, at 7:00 PM Join us to hear Yan Shen.

Yan Shen Solo Recital Program

Sonata in A Major, K 331 Mozart

Ballade No.3 Chopin

5 Preludes Rachmaninoff
Op.32 No.10 in B Minor
Op.32 No.1 in C Major
Op.3 No.2 in C-Sharp Minor
Op.23 No.4 in D Major
Op. 23 No.6 in E-flat Major

How Come That Blood? (World Premiere) B.P. Herrington (2020)
7 variations and a canonic rhapsody on a local ballad
I. Lining it out
II. Holy Ghost Boogie
III. Ballad
IV. Testify (accompanying a sermon)
V. Elemental
VI. Shimmering Creek
VII. The Flying arrow is at rest
Canonic Rhapsody