Kawai strives to create products that meet the most demanding needs of the professional and the budget constraints of the beginner – and everything in-between. For that reason our outstanding line of digital pianos is always growing and improving at every level of performance and affordability. We offer digital pianos for the elite pianist, but also strive to provide instruments for the aspiring learner that provide plenty of performance power at a price anyone can afford.


The KDP70 sets the standard for high-quality digital piano technology.


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An exceptional introduction to Kawai digital piano quality delivering grand piano touch and tone at an affordable price.

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One expects a high level of digital piano “touch” from a company that has made fine acoustic pianos for over 90 years. Not surprisingly, Kawai digital pianos enjoy an outstanding reputation for keyboard actions that recreate the natural touch of a fine acoustic grand piano with amazing authenticity. You can be certain that any Kawai digital piano action will provide an enjoyable touch and feel that you will admire.

Kawai CE-KDP-KCP-CL Control Panel
Kawai CE-KDP-KCP-CL Series Keyboard


Kawai Digital Pianos reproduce the beautiful sound of Kawai’s world-renowned EX Concert
To make possible the consistently exceptional piano tone found in all Kawai digital pianos, we capture the magnificent tonality of our celebrated concert grand pianos that are regularly chosen by first-prize winners and finalists at respected piano competitions around the globe. Since the original source sets the standard for digital piano tone, Kawai concert grands provide the best possible source.



Featuring our famous wooden-key action, the CE220 digital piano offers extraordinary touch and outstanding tone.

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Slim and stylish, with remarkable tone and touch, the CL26 offers exceptional value and a high level of musical performance.

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The KDP90 sets high standards for performance and price, perfect for anyone on a budget who desires a quality digital piano.

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Tons of inspiring sounds, a great feeling keyboard, and exciting accompaniment
styles make the KCP90-US the perfect choice.

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